Achieve, Aspire & Launch


As Neal Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, he stated, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” As the first person on the moon, his quote encapsulated the feeling of a country and an aspiration to reach beyond what we thought was humanly possible. This past year was filled with first-time events. This was the first group of students who experienced a new form of education during a pandemic: remote learning. Thankfully, through the flexibility, grace, and grit of our teachers, students, and families, we were able to provide the best possible learning experience. It was a challenging year, but our community came together and aspired to be better and to do that together. These students and teachers accepted a new challenge, (not to go to the moon) but to integrate technology into the classroom that allowed them to learn like none have learned before. 

Our students have and will continue to achieve, aspire, and launch to higher levels, propelling each other to ignite their passions and discovery. What we did miss was the time together. We, as a building and district, are committed to providing in-person instruction this year. We know the challenges that remote instruction brings and we also know that what is best for our students is to have a high-quality educator in front of them on a daily basis. This year will be challenging, but we have shown the ability to rise to the challenge and reach the stars!

Eric Hamilton
Antioch Community High School