Eagle Theatre at Illinois State Theatre Festival


LCHS: Theatre

Eagle Theatre had a grand time bringing their fall play, William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, down to the Illinois HS Theatre Festival at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After months of work on the original production, their show was selected to perform along with many others from across the state. They then quickly picked rehearsals back up again to transform the performance for the new space. Many things in the show had to be reworked to fit with the new performance space, including everything from where the lights were put up to where the actors stood on stage. Our cast and crew of almost 50 students traveled the 4 hour bus ride to Champaign, where they explored campus, presented and auditioned for college admissions, and experienced shows from many other schools. On the last day of the festival, Saturday January 14th, the students finally presented our two final performances of As You Like It after over 6 months of work. The company members of As You Like It will surely remember this experience for forever and a day.