One Community


My favorite part of the Antioch Community Consolidated School District 34 name is the word “community.” Since being hired as the Principal of ACHS in 2013, I have been humbled and honored to be serving this community. I have developed a deep respect for and connection to it, our schools, our students, our staff, and our residents. Whether in the role of Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, or President of the Rotary Club, I have worked to embrace my opportunity to serve, understand the awesome responsibility, and execute my duties. 

Since I first arrived here, me and my family have been unconditionally welcomed and accepted. The four of us have considered ourselves incredibly fortunate to be part of the CHSD 117 and Antioch CCSD 34 families. My daughters, Calla (11) and Bryn (9), have grown up on the playgrounds, parks, courts, stages, bleachers, and schools in this community. Through their connection to everyone and everything here, they have continued to support, encourage, and inspire my work. This community has become our second home and I remain motivated by a passion for and desire to continue to improve the access, opportunities, experiences, and outcomes of all of our students. None of this happens however, without the support, grace, and trust of the entire community. 

As Spring blooms into Summer, our collective work blooms into accomplishments and successes. Our entire community has been through so much for so long. As we have banded together to assist, care for, and love one another, our community has grown stronger. Being part of this, being part of you, and being part of us has been, is, and will continue to be one of the greatest honors of my life. I thank each and every one of you for my chance to be a part of this special community and for your individual contributions to it. 

This month, the Antioch CCSD 34 content theme for the Connections Magazine is “community.” Without the amazing community that surrounds us, our learning community would not be the same. It is you and our partnership with you that creates the conditions necessary for us to teach, learn, and lead. We are grateful for you and profoundly appreciative of this remarkable community. 

With hope, gratitude, and grace,

Dr. Bradford Hubbard
Antioch CCSD 34