ABC Countdown: A Tradition at Emmons School


Emmons teachers and students celebrate the end of the school year by making each day of the last 26 days special. Each day is assigned an activity or unique dress day based on a letter of the alphabet. “A” day was Animal Day, “B” was “Read with a Buddy” day. Teachers created fun and excitement by adding their own flair to certain days such as adding a virtual backdrop beach scene for “H” Hawaiian day and hosting a Glow Game party for “G” day. Mrs. Grimon had 6th grade students participate in a review for an upcoming test using highlighters under black lights. The students who answered a question correctly, were able to take their turns at various games set up around the classroom. Students even found time to help others by creating kindness notes for “K” day. The ABC Countdown is just one of the ways that Emmons finishes the school year strong!