Emmons Community Shines During Remote Learning


The Emmons teachers and staff demonstrated exceptional creativity and commitment to their students in the remote learning setting. With very little time to prepare, Emmons teachers developed thoughtful lessons to continue student learning and strengthen skills. They found the resources necessary to deliver meaningful content to students who had only an iPad or Chromebook at home. The teachers created a variety of engaging videos to deliver new lessons and created opportunities for their students to participate and collaborate during “class” meetings using a video platform. During the video meetings, teachers played motivating learning games, addressed students’ questions relating to assignments and checked on the students’ well-being. Understanding the importance of maintaining positive relationships with their students, teachers sent wellness surveys, responded to students’ questions well beyond the school day hours, and offered individual student conferences. Our special services providers offered extra support to students through small group lessons and one-to-one tutoring in video lessons.

The Emmons staff weren’t the only adults there for students during the stay-at-home order that was issued for the safety of all. We acknowledge the dedication and hard work of parents who had the difficult task of keeping students motivated and on track during this unique time. The entire Emmons community rallied to support student learning!