Moving Forward In 114!


District 114 is proud to celebrate the successes of our students, staff, families, and community as we continue to partner together to make sure all students learn at high levels. While none of us could have anticipated the challenges the last year has brought us, we certainly have continued to make progress. 

Starting in February, we were thrilled to welcome back all students who wanted to return for in person learning. Over 50% of our students come on site, some for two days, some for three days, and some for four days. Our staff has done an incredible job implementing mitigation strategies to keep everyone safe AND learning together. When students work remotely, our staff continues to provide amazing learning opportunities through the use of technology. We are so proud of our students for pushing through these times and staying focused on learning. We look SO forward to the day that we can all be back together learning in person again. 

Our staff has also worked diligently to make sure all our students have had meals without any breaks in service since we closed in March. We’ve had Grab and Go open at all times, and, when we were in full remote learning, we ran meals and materials to our students using our buses each day. Now that we are fully open PreK-8, our buses are busy transporting our students, but Grab and Go remains open daily at both Lotus and Stanton to ensure that all our students have access to meals. 

We also are proud of the ways we continue to improve. As a result of the community’s support of our referendum last spring, we have replaced the roof at Stanton Middle School, which has been needed for a very long time. Next, we will be planning for the replacement of Stanton’s HVAC systems and adding air conditioning for the school. We also will make capital upgrades at Lotus to update systems and mechanicals, as well as replace Lotus’ roof in the not too distant future. 

We also remain committed to staying connected with our entire school community. Our Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee continues to grow with more members joining at each meeting. Our focus is providing learning opportunities for all our families as well as finding ways to connect to celebrate all cultures even when we have to be very creative to do so! 

As always, Fox Lake 114 remains one team…all in! We are proud of all our efforts and look forward to a positive and productive spring! 

With commitment to our students, families, and community, 

Heather Friziellie
Superintendent of Schools 
Fox Lake School District 114