What’s All The Buzz About?


Spring is in the air and Mrs. Hertzke’s Pre-K classes are studying bees. This is part of the new Project Based Learning initiative at GLS. The Pre-K students are learning the differences between a honey bee and a wasp, why bees are important to the environment, how they can protect bees while not harming them, and practicing bee safety.  The art teacher just happens to be a beekeeper, and was able to bring in her beekeeping equipment to help further educate the little ones. She was even able to make many short videos at her house when she was putting the newly purchased bees into their hives. The music teacher is also teaching bee songs and dances. Mrs. Hertzke purchased a child size beekeeping jacket, and many bee keeping toys and activities so the kids could put what they learned to the test by acting out how to be a beekeeper. The students even had a chance to taste honeycomb. How can class bee any more fun?!