D34 Celebrates Inaugural Spring Showcase

D34 Superintendent Aron Borowiak visits with Hillcrest student Ember Erdmann during Spring Showcase

This past April, D34 proudly hosted its first annual Spring Showcase, an innovative event designed to bring together students, families, and the community to celebrate the vibrant learning that happens throughout the year.

The Spring Showcase was more than a display of student work, it was an interactive experience that brought education to life. Students from all five district schools took center stage as they guided their families through the educational journey they have embarked on this school year.

Each school transformed into a dynamic learning exhibition, with students at the helm. The young scholars led their families through the halls, proudly presenting their classwork and projects. From science experiments and art displays to history presentations and technology demonstrations, the range of subjects and the depth of knowledge showcased were truly impressive. This hands-on approach not only highlighted the students’ academic achievements, but also showcased their development of critical leadership skills.

The preparation for this event was a collaborative effort spearheaded by our dedicated D34 staff. Teachers and administrators worked tirelessly to ensure that learning spaces were engaging and that students’ work celebrated their individual efforts and contributions. The result was a well-organized and impactful event that emphasized the district’s commitment to fostering educational excellence.

The smiles on the faces of students, parents, and teachers alike were a clear indicator of the event’s success. It was an event filled with joy, pride, and a lot of learning. The involvement and enthusiasm of our families, Boosters, Antioch Public Library District, and Champions Before and After School care served as a powerful reminder of the supportive environment that surrounds our students, encouraging them to strive for excellence.

Looking ahead, the Spring Showcase promises to be an annual highlight for Antioch CCSD 34, offering an opportunity for our students to shine and our community to grow closer through shared experiences of learning and achievement. We are immensely proud of our Warriors, Hurricanes, Turtles, Eagles, and Bobcats, and we look forward to seeing what our students will accomplish in the years to come.

To everyone who participated and contributed, thank you for making the first Spring Showcase a phenomenal success!