Camp Crayon Preschool

Discover how learning through play can benefit your child


Camp Crayon Preschool is an amazing place where young ones can develop emotional, social, physical, and intellectual skills through a variety of creative and fun activities. The Village of Antioch’s Camp Crayon Preschool offers popular social programs (ages 2.6 years to age 5) based on the concept of learning through play and simple structured activities. Classes meet weekdays on varied days and times at select locations.

So, what is “learning through play” and how can it benefit your child? “The concept helps to foster critical thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution through group play and structured activities,” said Lauren Kabrick, director of parks and recreation. “Learning through play promotes both child-initiated and teacher-supported activities. Both support positive attitudes toward learning, and promote confidence, enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity in our students. It is our hope that this type of environment will provide a strong foundation in preparation for continued social, emotional, and intellectual success.”

Research has shown that play and learning are intertwined. Think about it as a science lecture with a lab designed to reinforce learned skills. Our teachers use guided learning to help Camp Crayon students develop their cognitive abilities. The students, on their own, practice child-initiated learning that doubles as play. Play is the child’s lab.1 

The goals of the Camp Crayon Preschool and its team are to provide each child the opportunity to develop independence and self-confidence, learn to share and cooperate, and explore new experiences. Age-based programs run from September to mid-May with a teacher to student ratio of 1:7. Camp Crayon Preschool also aims to provide comfort, convenience, and affordability for parents. 

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will take place on Monday, February 10, for residents (those that reside within 60002) and Monday, March 2, for non-residents. Priority registration will begin on Monday, January 27, at 6 p.m., for current Camp Crayon families.

To learn more about Camp Crayon Preschool, visit, or contact Mary Quilty, parks and recreation program manager at 847-395-1000 ext. 404, email,