Grimm Road Gets a New Route


In 2016 and 2017, as part of the construction and opening of Tractor Supply Plus and other developments, the Village of Antioch purchased and annexed several parcels of property along Grimm Road. As part of this process, Grimm Road was annexed into the Village and thus the maintenance became the responsibility of the Village of Antioch.

When it was annexed in 2017, Grimm Road was in very poor condition and had become hazardous for travel. The pavement was extremely rough and poor drainage facilities caused water to pond on the roadway. Additionally, the intersection of Grimm Road and Route 173 had developed a growing occurrence of traffic accidents.

The road was closed to traffic on February 25, 2019.

The Village is working to reopen Grimm Road as a completely reconstructed roadway with a slightly different route. When reopened, the roadway will connect with Route 173 between Kunes Ford and the Body Craft auto body shop, which is slightly west of where it had connected. This new connection to Route 173 will create a safer intersection than the previous one. 

What is going on now? 
The Village and contract engineering firm HR Green has been working to secure right-of-way agreements with property owners along the proposed new route of Grimm Road. Engineers have also been working to obtain the necessary environmental and agency permit approvals. Additionally, the Village has been working to secure grant funding for the project. Up to an estimated 50% of the total funding for this project will come from grants and other sources from outside of the Village.

This year, village engineers expect utility design work to begin. The remaining agreements and permitting will also be completed in 2022.  

Construction of the roadway is expected to take two years, beginning in either 2023 or 2024. The timeline of the project is largely contingent upon how quickly the village can receive funding. Village staff and engineers have a goal to see construction completed as quickly as possible while optimizing as much outside funding as possible.

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