Minds in Motion STEM Class: Cyber Crawler Robot


Are you looking for an exciting and educational opportunity for your budding young scientist or engineer? Antioch Parks and Recreation’s Minds in Motion Cyber Crawler Robot STEM class has just the answer! 

Introducing the Cyber Crawler Robot, a hands-on experience open to children aged 7 to 11 that promises to ignite their passion for robotics and coding. In this engaging program, students have the chance to construct their very own Cyber Crawler Robot and bring it home. It’s not just about building; it’s about mastering the art of smart coding. The class aims to inspire the next generation of robotic engineers by combining entertainment with education. Once assembled, students can use a simple press-button programming keypad embedded on the robot’s cranium to set their Cyber Crawler on an exciting journey. Imagine the thrill as your child designs obstacles and maze courses with their classmates, challenging their creations to see how far they can go, all while the robot’s LEDs illuminate the way. It’s the perfect introduction to the joy of coding and a fantastic way to kindle a lifelong interest in STEM fields.

Don’t miss out on this captivating opportunity to delve into the world of robotics and programming. Antioch Parks and Recreation’s Minds in Motion Cyber Crawler Robot STEM class offers an unforgettable experience for young minds eager to explore the realms of technology. Join us for the Cyber Crawler Robot class and watch your child’s curiosity and creativity flourish in a fun and educational environment. Secure your spot and let your child embark on an exciting journey in robotics today!

Enrollment is now open!
Visit: www.antioch.il.gov/parks