Sidewalk Delight: Pops of Color, Growing Benefits


Spring and summer bring delight with blooming displays to yards and gardens. But, how about those pops of color in town? The “green thumbs” of the Village of Antioch Public Works Department are on it, providing hues of pizzazz to downtown that are inviting to residents and visitors alike. 

From May through the fall, October or November depending upon weather, colorful hanging (and bountiful) floral baskets adorn Main and Lake Streets. Besides the beauty to the eye and landscape, these bundles of Mother Nature’s own can have healthy benefits. Studies show that people surrounded by quality landscapes are often less stressed. And, an area’s physical beauty can help connect people to it.1

In downtown, where storefronts make for great window shopping, browsing, and bargains, hanging baskets are placed on every other street lamppost, alternating with community banner displays. In addition to the color choice, flowers are chosen based on their hardiness. “We love the way they look and the positive impact they have,” said Public Works Administrative Assistant Sherry Hoban. “We start early, in winter, working with suppliers and picking a mix of annuals so things get growing and we’re ready.” Be sure to look for those inviting colors from above. Snap a picture on your cellphone and share the Village beauty with us (email images to:

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