The mayor: humbling ‘to-dos’


Various tasks make up a day for the mayor of a village; a short to-do list can easily expand in the blink of an eye. Any accomplishment made by the Village is well thought out, and includes balance, strategy, research and due diligence.

Mayor Lawrence “Larry” Hanson

As mayor, I have a daily “to-do” list that I’d like to share. At the top of that list is leadership. I am responsible for leading our Antioch community. It is exciting, challenging and fulfilling both personally and professionally. From guiding our board to connecting with residents, it is a role that is rich in many ways. Together, our community offers so much: economic and social opportunities, expansion of businesses and new industry, schools that rank high in success, residents creating home-sweet-homes, and a true sense of kinship that makes you want to spend time here.

To that end, I’m adding my other to-dos: “always be humbled” “always have gratitude” and “always feel blessed.”

  • The Village of Antioch is governed by a mayor and a six-member board of trustees, all of whom are elected for four-year staggered terms.
  • The mayor serves as chief executive officer for the village.
  • The mayor presides over board meetings.
  • The mayor has the role of policy leader, providing policy information and recommendations to the board.
  • The mayor exercises executive responsibility by monitoring activities of the village administrator. The village administrator, working closely with the mayor and board, is responsible for administrative duties including day-to-day operations and supervision of department leads.
  • The mayor participates in breaking tie votes and has the authority to veto legislation.
  • The mayor serves as an official representative to local, state governments and federal agencies, community groups and other stakeholders.
  • The mayor, with the consent of the Village Board of Trustees, appoints all advisory commission and board members and appointed Village Officials such as the village administrator, treasurer and clerk.
  • The mayor works with residents of the community in an outreach capacity, receiving comments and concerns, seeking appropriate responses, and representing the Village of Antioch at ceremonial and

Connect with Mayor Hanson 
phone: 847-395-1000