Building Improvements Are On the Way


Capital Projects: CHSD117

By Aryan Haren
Assistant Superintendent of School Business, CSBO

The time is fast approaching when you will start to see major projects starting around the D117 campuses. The various projects are part of a continued plan to provide safe and current facilities to our students, staff, and entire learning community. The Board of Education and D117 Administration work collaboratively to plan for continuous maintenance of our existing structures, as well as to provide excellent facilities.

At Lakes Community High School, there will be an addition to the bleachers at Polley Field stadium. The bleachers will be added to the north end of the already existing seating. The new bleachers will provide 320 additional seats to the stadium capacity. In addition to the new seating, the Polley Field parking lot will undergo a complete renovation. 

Antioch Community High School will also undergo some renovations this summer. The ACHS cafeteria will be expanded to the east to allow for all students to eat in one location. Currently, 9th and 10th grade students eat in the cafeteria and 11th and 12th grade students have lunch in the commons area. This expansion will reduce the food service areas, assist with security coverage and safety, allow for the commons area to be used for instructional purposes, and to provide a space for both D117 and external organizations to host presentations and performances. 

The community will also see ACHS roof work happening this summer. We will replace two roof top units (RTUs) that are at the end of their life cycle, as well as install a new RTU above the new cafeteria expansion. Other roof work includes the replacement of a large chiller that provides cooling to the entire north side of ACHS. Along with the cafeteria expansion, four bathrooms will be renovated. They include the bathrooms in the math and Social Studies/World Language hallways. 

While you will see the start of the aforementioned work in the next few months, D117 has also established a 5-year facilities plan that includes the following categories: 1) learning environments, 2) supportive learning environments (offices, cafeteria), 3) athletics and activities, 4) technology, and 5) building envelope (roof work, concrete). Some of the capital projects encompassed in the 5-year plan include the replacement of all twelve RTUs and roof work at Lakes Community High School, the turf replacement and track resurfacing at the ACHS stadium, and baseball and softball improvements at both campuses’ fields. These are just a few of the future capital projects in D117 and we will continue to work to improve our facilities while being financially responsible to our learning community.