Highlighting Positive Character Builds Exceptional Culture 


If you, or someone you know, has had the privilege of having a family member attend ACHS or LCHS, you are likely aware that what truly distinguishes our schools isn’t the buildings, paperwork, or technology. It is the incredible staff and students that make our schools outstanding.

We are profoundly grateful for our positive and dedicated staff and students who consistently go above and beyond. They play a crucial role in making our schools not just places of learning, but nurturing environments where positivity and exceptional character are in constant focus. This dedication helps to foster a culture where positive behavior and achievements are celebrated, encouraging others to follow suit.

One way we keep exceptional character in focus is through regular, public recognitions of students and staff. You can stay updated on these remarkable stories of students and staff through our website, social media channels, and YouTube feeds, where we showcase these exceptional individuals monthly using the QR codes at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the individual recognitions, both schools conduct “spirit competitions” between student grade levels and staff departments that culminate in tasty treats and obnoxiously large traveling trophies that are awarded to the graduating class or staff department that exhibits the most positive school spirit.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the leaders within our schools who plan and facilitate these intentional recognitions. Their efforts are instrumental in upholding the extraordinarily positive culture that characterizes both ACHS & LCHS! We think this positive spirit pervades in the culture of our two schools and hope that you feel it the next time we welcome you on campus for a school event, activity, or athletic competition!

Jeff Feucht, Ed.D.
Community High School District 117