D117 Celebrates Student Voice

Antioch Student Media Advisor- Madelynn Soberano works with students to finalize an upcoming publication.

CHSD117: Student Voice

ACHS Senior Tyler Wnek enjoying his own book, The Best Rivals 2022. Wnek also serves as resident weatherman for the Sequoits. (Photo: Samuel Worden)

Both Antioch and Lakes High School provide numerous opportunities for students to share their voices, thoughts, opinions, passions, and experiences through numerous programs focused on celebrating student voices. The D117 live stream team produces high quality live streams of major school events, such as ACHS vs. LCHS athletic contests and our fine arts concerts. These live streams are provided free of charge to our community.  Weekly news broadcasts from the students of SBN (Sequoit Broadcast Network) and EEN (Eagle Eye News) highlight student produced scripts, stories, interviews, special features and videos of school events each week. Incredible publications such as the ACHS- Tom Tom and Arrow and the LCHS Talon Times and Talon Sports, allow students to pursue their passions from content development and collection, to interviews and page layouts in a printed, distributed publication. ACHS also has their very own committed weatherman in Tyler Wnek, who has taken his passion for metrology to the next level by producing a weekly weather report for students and staff. Tyler also showcased his talents by writing and publishing a book highlighting the journey of the ACHS and LCHS basketball programs over the course of his high school career. 

Student voice in D117 is not limited to print, digital, or social media platforms, as is evidenced by the incredible voices of students during the recent Strategic Planning process. Students from both Antioch and Lakes High School have driven the development of the strategic plan and what it entails. Students involved have ensured that the District’s goals are centered on student desires and needs for the future. Through all four large strategic plan meetings, the loudest and most important voices have been those of our students.  D117 will continue to demonstrate a focus on student voice and the pursuit of student passions through our various student media outlets and opportunities.