D34 Staff Lead the Way at County-Wide Institute Day


In a testament to the dedication and professionalism that define our local educational community, the Lake County Regional Office of Education recently hosted its inaugural County-Wide Institute Day on February 16, 2024. Park School in Round Lake and Lakes Community High School in Lake Villa were abuzz with activity as approximately 2,000 educators and staff from across the county convened for a day of professional development.

Among the standout contributors to this day of professional learning were the teacher and staff leaders from Antioch CCSD 34. These individuals, recognized for their expertise and commitment to excellence, took center stage by volunteering and presenting a total of 13 sessions, covering a spectrum of crucial topics ranging from climate and culture to differentiation and inclusion strategies.

The success of this institute day underscores the vital role that teacher leaders play in driving educational innovation and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our schools. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, these dedicated professionals not only enrich the educational experiences of their colleagues within D34 but also contribute to the collective advancement of educators throughout Lake County.

In recognizing the contributions of D34’s teacher and staff leaders, we acknowledge the profound impact that their dedication and expertise have on the quality of education in our community making us a destination for families. Their commitment to ongoing professional growth sets a standard of excellence that elevates the entire educational community, both in district and throughout the local community, ensuring that our students receive the best possible learning experiences.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our inspiring educators from D34 who lent their expertise and passion to the County-Wide Institute Day. We commend the following presenters for their outstanding contributions: Sarah Amrein, Kary Batchelder, Emily Bridgeman, April Bryan, Jessica Buechner, Mike Butler, Kerry Ellis, Vasiliki Frake, Tammy Gaydovchik, McKenna Gomez, Amy Pieniazkiewicz-Grude, Susan Harkins, Emily Hellman, Elisa Holtman, Devan Hope, Becky Ingrum, Elaine Johnson, Katie Koczorowski, Karen Levandowski, Jean Lindner, Olivia Mallery, Kathy Niemi, Karen Nuxoll, Kristen Osgood, Krissy Pierce, Josalyn Reed, Kathy Strathman, Shelly Stumphy, and Corrine Zajac.