Eighth Graders Prepare for Citizenship


Eighth graders at Emmons School are offered a unique program designed to develop not just the student as a learner but the student as a citizen. Students are required to complete 15 hours of service during their 8th grade year. Part of the hours are earned within the community. Students may choose to volunteer at places such as the animal shelter, at community events, or help out a neighbor. Other hours are earned through school leadership opportunities such as lowering and raising the flag daily, working sporting events, or being buddies to younger kids. 

In addition to the year-long service learning requirement, eighth graders also learn business skills and money management. One of the culminating activities is a special 8th grade field trip. The students visit Navy Pier, embark on a dinner cruise, and attend a Blue Man Group performance. In order to afford the trip, the students start fundraising during their 6th grade year. During 8th grade, the students ramp up their fundraising efforts by offering parent night out babysitting, participating in candle sales, and selling concession stand items at the sporting events. Through these activities, the students learn the importance of working toward a shared goal, long term planning, and budgeting.

Emmons teachers believe in providing learning opportunities that go beyond the classroom in order to develop well-rounded civic-minded students. Our teachers and staff are committed to developing each student’s full potential as a learner and as a future successful citizen of our community.