Introducing Principal Brian Barsotti


Emmons has a new Principal! Brian Barsotti has joined the Emmons community and looks forward to serving the students, staff, and families. Learn more about his passion and commitment to education from the following brief interview. 

Why did you choose education?
My college major was in history and I thought I might teach. I was not completely convinced that education was going to be my chosen profession because I did not know if I was ready for the monumental responsibility of teaching kids. I tested the waters as a program aide at a therapeutic day school. My experience there set me on my path in education. The students that I had the privilege of working with, the collaboration among staff to provide supports, and the structure of the program gave me the confidence and foundation to manage a classroom.

I spent the bulk of my career as an eighth grade social studies teacher. Although I loved teaching, I was presented with an opportunity to broaden my sphere of influence as an assistant principal for the last three years. The administrative realm has given me a deep commitment to developing students who become invested in their school and prepared to be successful for each transition in their lives. Helping educators educate, students realize their potential and families connect with school has been the most rewarding parts of my career. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to having the opportunity to do the same at Emmons.

What excites you about being at Emmons?
There are so many things that excite me about Emmons. In addition to persevering students, a dedicated and collaborative staff, and a welcoming and supportive community, Emmons has a Board of Education that is committed to providing opportunities for our students and a superintendent that builds our capacity to fulfill our mission. But what I am most excited about is having the opportunity to bear witness to the growth of our students from kindergarten through eighth grade in a communal environment. 

What are you passionate about in your work?
My passion for education stems from the mission of public education. The history of public education in our country is intertwined with the history of our country. The American Revolution was fought for the idea of a democratic government, and public education helps to develop citizens who can sustain it. This requires us to educate and nurture students to be informed and engaged. The best way to engage them is to provide them a voice. Everyone wants to be heard, and we should be developing students with the skills, dispositions, and confidence to effectively voice their unique perspectives. This led me to develop a student action committee and peer jury program at a previous district that gave my students opportunities to have a positive impact on the world around them. I am excited to bring these practices to Emmons.