Deeds of Kindness


In our world consumed and controlled by COVID-19, many things we took for granted have changed. At Lake Villa Township we have experienced a lot of changes. Our West Campus Community Center, which is traditionally home to dozens of local scouting groups, sporting clubs and community groups, remains quiet. However, our community groups are working hard to support their neighbors during this time.

As most know, Lake Villa Township operates a food pantry for our neighbors in need. As expected, our demand has increased and our method of operation has changed. We are now delivering many of our food orders to those that can’t or should not go out. We have now delivered hundreds of food orders and meals.

And what I did not expect were all the acts of kindness happening in our community. Our donations to Lake Villa Township Charities (that operates the food pantry) has increased tremendously. Residents increased gifts of food items and money. Some have been creative in raising $1,000 through a GoFundMe page in lieu of confirmation gifts or partook in a Front Porch Project which photographed families on their front porches in turn for donations to the food pantry. Additionally, all of our community groups have stepped up to make extra donations to our food pantry. 

I was also happy to see other efforts in our community. We have a quiet sewing group that meets at the Township every Wednesday. They take on projects like sewing dresses and personal items for young girls in impoverished countries. They have taken on the task of making masks. They joined a group of 40-plus volunteers to form the “Mask Brigade” making 400 to 900 a day. So far, the group has made over 25,000 masks!

I am amazed by the creativity to help others in our community or just to make them smile. We had a little yellow rock left in front of my mailbox at home that brought a smile to my face or decorations put up along the Township walking trail. These are all things that ease the stress during trying times.

If you are working on these efforts, thank you and keep it up. If you see these things, please share them with others. 

Thank you,

Daniel Venturi
Lake Villa Township Supervisor