Antioch Aqua Center 2023


Open Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day
Last weekday open will be determined by staff availability. 

General Admission Hours

Mon.-Sat. – 12:00-7:00pm, Sun. – 12:00-6:30pm

Holidays – 12:00-5:00pm

Special Hours for Passholders
Mon.-Fri. 11:00-12:00pm & 6:00-7:00pm
No diving board use, open for deep water swimming.

Daily Admission Fees

Children under 2 are free
Ages 3-54 – $7
Ages 55 & up – $4
After 5:00pm – $4

Season Pass Fees

Children Under 2 Are Free

Individual: $74/$84

Couple: $130/$150

Family of 3: $189/$226

Family of 4: $231/$288

Additional: $58/$73

Seniors: $62/$73

Swim Lesson Registration & Fees

Registration for Residents (60002)
April 10, 2023

Non-resident Registration
April 24, 2023

Register online or in-person. You must have an account to be able to register online. Please call 847-395-2160 to create an account.


Parent/Tot: $58/$68

Preschool: $58/$68

Levels 1-5: $80/$91

Jr. Lifeguarding: $90/$99

Diving: $84/$96

Lifeguarding: $250/$300

Swim Lesson Level Descriptions

Ages 3-4 years
The class is a water acclimation class where children will learn to separate from their parents, blow bubbles, become comfortable in the water and much more.

Ages 4 and up
This class is for children who have already mastered the skills learned in preschool and are ready to progress to underwater exploration, floating, kicking and forward movement in the water.

Ages 5 and up
Level 2 is for children who already can float on their front and back, understand movement in the water using various methods and are ready to begin rhythmic breathing.

Ages 6 and up
In this class your child will perfect the front and back crawl. They will learn the elementary backstroke, whip kick and dolphin kicks along with treading.

Ages 6 and up
The concentration in this level will be on refinement of the above strokes, learning the butterfly, breast stroke and sidestroke, along with dives and turns.

Ages 6 and up
Level 5 refines all strokes, works on endurance, building, surface dives and lifesaving skills.

Ages 6 and up
This is a beginner to intermediate class where the child is expected to know how to swim in deep water. students must be comfortable going headfirst off the side of the pool. Proper approach, standing dive, tuck, pike, and back dives will be introduced.