Winter Weather Notice


Wintertime can bring along heavy snowfall and difficulty navigating the roadways or sidewalks. Heavy snowfall can also be an issue with mailboxes and snow at the end of driveways.

While mailboxes need to be far enough off the road that they won’t be hit by cars, they need to be close enough so mail carriers can reach them without leaving their trucks. Most often, it’s not the mailbox placement or the snowplow that causes havoc, it’s the snow itself.

If snow is wet and heavy, the force of the snow coming off the snowplow can be strong enough to dent a mailbox, loosen a post, or if already weathered or old, cause a break. Slick roadways and hazardous conditions can also bring about a hit to a mailbox from any type of vehicle.

“Our snowplow drivers are careful to avoid mailboxes. Most often, it’s the weight of snow thrown from the plows that cause damage to mailboxes with weak supports,” said Director of Public Works, Dennis Heimbrodt. “That’s why we recommend you take a look at your mailbox and keep it in good condition.” 

If the Village causes damage to the mailbox or post with a direct hit from the plow, the Village will reimburse the homeowner up to seventy-five dollars if the mailbox cannot be reasonably replaced or repaired by the Public Works Department.

To give your mailbox some extra TLC this winter, consider these simple steps:

  • Clear the area in front of your mailbox to ensure mail delivery and reduce the amount of snow coming off the plow. 
  • Place a small piece of reflective tape on the mailbox to help all drivers see it at night
  • Remove snow from around your mailbox but avoid throwing snow back onto the roadway.
  • Inspect your mailbox. Make sure it is securely mounted to the post and firmly supported in the ground. 
  • If replacing your mailbox, consider the purchase of a heavy-duty mailbox to meet your needs.

If you reside within the Village limits and experience a situation with your mailbox or other roadway concern, contact the Village Hall at 847-395-1000 or the Public Works Department at 847-395-1000 x 425.