Better Together. Connected Forever.


We are apart, but more connected than ever…

This community has always been rooted in the simple and important things in life; good neighbors, helping hands, charitable spirits, and a feeling of home. 

These times that have fallen upon us are not going to be here forever — the clouds will pass, the light will come in and we’ll open up again; stronger, rooted deeper in what it means to be part of the greater northwestern Lake County community. 

As the challenges of sheltering in place rose, so did our churches, our leaders, the sewers, the helpers, the doers, the teachers, the officers, the firemen — everyone has risen up to protect the most vulnerable and help those in need. Simple acts of neighbors helping neighbors. People that have never met before are now connected forever through hardship and kindness. The goodness of our community is shining through!

As much as there is uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19, we can be certain that our community is in this together and we are better for it. As we face the months ahead, we will face them as we always have- with a strong spirit, kind hearts, and compassionate hands. 

As you all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all to rethink nearly every aspect of our organizations and operations. Given the unfortunate confluence of mandated pandemic preparedness measures and significant projected budget shortfalls, we have decided to move the this edition of Connections to largely a digital magazine, rather than a print format. We will be printing a relatively small quantity for each organization to have available for pickup by residents.

Be good to one another. Be safe and stay strong.