CHSD117 Grateful for Distinguished School Board

D117 Board President Wayne Sobczak

Board of Education: CHSD117

November 15 marked the official statewide observance of School Board Members Day in Illinois. Each year, this season provides an opportunity to acknowledge the Board’s role in creating educational opportunities that meet the goals set forth by the community and recognize our Board Members who serve as unpaid volunteers for the benefit of our students.

We are grateful to have such a distinguished School Board in Community High School District #117. Our Board was honored last year by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)’s School Board Governance Recognition program for their understanding of and commitment to IASB’s Foundational Principles of Effective Governance. Our district has benefited from the diverse experience, expertise, and prior public service each member brings to our governance team. The next time you meet one of our seven School Board Members in the community, please take the time to thank them for serving in this important governance role to bring more opportunities to our students. The list of Board Members is as follows:

  • Wayne Sobczak – President
  • Bruce Pagni – Vice President
  • Sandy Jacobs – Secretary
  • Bart Winkler – Board Member
  • Ellen Ipsen – Board Member
  • Ronald Vickers – Board Member
  • Cynthia Collins – Board Member

Our Board President, Wayne Sobczak, was recently recognized by The Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) on October 12, 2022 with their highest “Legacy Board Leader” award for his many years of professional development through IASB’s Board Leader Recognition Program. Wayne’s tenure as Board President has brought a continuity and vision to the district that has empowered our schools to continuously improve their programs year over year, while embracing accountability for ways in which we can always work to get better.

School Boards represent one of the most direct ways community members can lead, support, and be stewards of the tremendous assets public schools provide. Our community has benefitted from the clear and consistent leadership and support our Board has provided us as we seek to fulfill our mission to Ignite Passion and Discovery in Every Student. We extend our thanks to these dedicated community leaders and encourage you to join us in sharing your appreciation during this season of gratitude!