Freshman Mentoring Programs Coming this Fall


Transition Services – CHSD117

District 117 knows that a strong sense of belonging and connection to your school is strongly related to a student’s success in high school. We sensed an opportunity to increase the support provided to incoming freshmen and have launched a new program that is taking off at both campuses this fall. Branded as “Sequoit to Sequoit” at ACHS and “Link Crew” at LCHS, all freshmen will be assigned to a small group with upperclassmen under the supervision of four awesome staff members who oversee the program. Those upperclassmen leaders will help students learn the traditions and expectations of our buildings, find their footing and explore interests, and build relationships with other students. Mentoring sessions will take place weekly during the 25-minute study hall that every freshman is assigned.  District 117 is confident that this will strengthen our school communities and help students build connections, relationships, and confidence more quickly at the start of high school!