Keep on Learning


Education is difficult work even before being forced into remote learning. Our biggest challenge is how do we provide learning and emotional support for our students in a virtual environment. There are thousands of verbal and non-verbal communications that take place between staff and students each day. Limiting these communications to virtual meetings has been a challenge that sometimes is overwhelming for both students and teachers. Keeping learning going and at the same time understanding that some of our students may be experiencing health issues or loss in their household is challenging in person, and even more challenging virtually. I’m very proud of how the staff and students have responded to the challenge of remote learning during this COVID-19 crisis. The empathy, caring and support for others that I have seen in the last six weeks has strengthened my belief in our community. Our educators and students turned from in-class instruction to virtual instruction in a matter of days. That commitment and dedication tells me that our educators know the importance of the service we provide for the families in our community and the students value their educations. As we look to the future and the relaxation of restrictions on social contact, I look forward to the students and staff returning to Lakes.

David B. Newberry
Proud Principal
Lakes Community High School