Monthly Leadership Workshops


Student Leadership: CHSD117

High School Conferences from throughout the state typically provide leadership training to a distinct group of student leaders chosen by coaches and teachers. These students join with other area high schools to engage in a half-day leadership conference, learning valuable tools to support and further their leadership qualities. With so many question marks at the start of the school year, our Conference (the NLCC) cancelled their annual leadership conference for 2021-22. While this was disappointing, it presented an opportunity for D117 to find a solution and increase leadership training opportunities to a larger audience of district students. Starting in September at both schools, Coach Darnell Rios began working with both large and small groups of students. Coach Rios is a life improvement coach whose sole focus is helping people discover the best version of themselves. Some meetings are centered on motivation while others ask students to think deeply about broad-based questions, such as, “What is your Why?” The trainings will continue monthly for the remainder of the school year and are open to all D117 students.