Sharing Facilities & Embracing Opportunities


Sharing Facilities: CHSD117

District 117 includes two incredible high schools, Antioch and Lakes. Both schools have established traditions of success in the classroom and on the field of competition. For many years both ACHS and LCHS have shared resources to enhance the overall experience for all students across the district. These shared resources have been on full display throughout the first months of the 2021-2022 school year. The D117 tennis complex has played host to multiple tournaments, conference championships, and IHSA state series events. The new D117 field house has provided safe practice areas for programs from both schools throughout the fall during inclement weather episodes, on top of playing host to 2 major girls’ volleyball invitationals. The ACHS field turf has been utilized by LCHS programs for practices and competitions.

 While the sharing of facilities is well known in athletics, it is important to note that clubs, activities, and fine arts also share spaces and resources. The highlight of these being the new professional recording studio located at ACHS that students from LCHS can also utilize.

Sharing of facilities is not the end but rather the beginning of providing opportunities to all students across D117. Our schools have increased access to multiple student opportunities during the first semester. We created a district wide archery club. The club, which started at LCHS a few years ago, was not offered at ACHS due to lack of robust student interest. The solution? Provide ACHS students wishing to participate access to opportunity and transportation. The result? 15-20 ACHS students travel to LCHS weekly to be part of the archery club. In the same vein, ACHS and LCHS have received approval from the IHSA to run a CO-OP speech program. This desire was driven by LCHS students wanting opportunities to be involved in a speech team that was not available at LCHS.

District 117 looks forward to enhancing opportunities going forward.