True Sense of Community


As I sat down to compose my first message in Connections Magazine, I looked at previous editions and found myself spending a considerable time reading up on all of the celebrations and events from this past year. Having read these news stories, it further reinforced my belief that I will find it very easy to call ACHS home for this next chapter in my career. Throughout my interview process, I was drawn to the sense of togetherness and community that is evident when you walk through the doors of Antioch Community High School. A stroll down Main Street in Antioch evokes images of a much simpler time when you walked into the local diner and everybody knew everybody. While it might seem from a different time, that sense of true community can still be felt to this day in the streets and neighborhoods of Antioch. 

We are looking forward to a fantastic year at Antioch Community High School. I have already circled all of the times that ACHS will take on Lakes Community High School in athletic contests on my calendar and can’t wait to support our athletes while watching from the sidelines. I’m looking forward to watching the plays and performances in the ACHS Auditorium after a series of comprehensive state of the art upgrades were installed this summer. One of the most innovative aspects of this upgrade is the ability for the pit orchestra to play down the hall in Studio 117 and accompany the musical performance in real time with no delay, no more cramped playing spaces on the stage for the orchestra during the musicals. 

As I settle in, I have been told of the many traditions and events that make Antioch unique and I am looking forward to being a part of them. One of these events is the Homecoming Parade that is scheduled for Thursday, September 22nd at 6:45 p.m. Please join us as we showcase our outstanding students’ involvement in clubs and athletics. It promises to be a special night. See you there. 

Mike Berrie
Antioch Community High School