Planning for the How’s and When’s


Moving Fall to Winter, we continue to face times that none of us would have ever expected. We opened the year with a few targeted students onsite, and then launched our Hybrid model in October. However, given rising COVID data, we then needed to shift back to full remote. As I write this, we prepare to bring back some of our youngest and most complex onsite for in-person learning and also continue to plan for HOW and WHEN we can safely welcome back the rest of our amazing students. 

As the holiday season approaches, we do have so many things to be THANKFUL for in District 114. 

  • Our students continue to work so hard to learn at high levels while working virtually. They simply amaze us each and every day. 
  • The staff in D114 is giving 110% every single day to support students and their families in this journey. They continue to collaborate and learn together to provide the BEST for our students. Every single person contributes to this effort, and we are so proud of our team. 
  • Families in the D114 community are simply amazing. Time and time again, they find ways to support learning, stay connected, and partner with us to do all we can together. 
  • D114 once again received COMMENDABLE status from the state of Illinois based on our efforts during the 2019-20 school year. 
  • Lotus’ Preschool for All program once again received GOLD status from the state of Illinois for providing quality early childhood programming for our students. 
  • Stanton’s National Junior Honor Society and Student Council both have service projects underway to serve our community. 
  • The D114 Equity Core Team continues its work to learn more about how to support equity for ALL in our system. This includes honest dialogue, a shared book study, and connections with other community partners. 
  • D114 has had NO gaps since the March 2019 closure in providing meals for our families, including making sure meals were available to anyone who needed them all summer long. Since August, we have provided over 32,000 meals using our buses to deliver them to bus stops, Grab and Go at our sites, and even door to door deliveries for families in the greatest need. 

As we head into winter and into the holidays, we remain committed to our students and community. We remain One Team…All In…Always!

With commitment to our students, families, and community, 

Heather Friziellie
Superintendent of Schools 
Fox Lake School District 114