Using Our Dollars To Be Responsible & Ready for the Future!


District 114 is proud to celebrate the successes of our students, staff, families, and community as we continue to partner together to make sure all students learn at high levels. We know that our community trusts us to treat their tax dollars responsibly, and we are grateful for their support. In addition to tax dollars, D114 has benefitted from federal funds related to COVID impact, and we’re thrilled to celebrate a HUGE donation that will help us do things for our students above and beyond our plans! Please read on for highlights! 

Projects funded using D114 taxpayer dollars

  • Installation of a much-needed new roof at Stanton. 
  • Competitive salaries for D114 staff, targeting at recruiting and retaining employees at a more comparable level to other local districts. 
  • Purchase of curricular materials for our students in Literacy, which they have not had!

Upcoming Priorities

  • Installation of air conditioning at Stanton Middle School, along with updates in all mechanical and electrical systems. 
  • Replacement of the roof at Lotus. 
  • Renovations at each site to create secured entryways. 

Projects funded by federal COVID-impact funds

  • More than doubling our summer school program offerings. 
  • All new furniture at both sites to allow for social distancing as well as needed updates (installation December 2021). 
  • Expansion of Literacy materials adoption through Grade 6. 
  • Technology updates for ALL students. 
  • Needed materials for COVID mitigation. 

Finally, we are so very fortunate to have a powerful partnership with Enchanted Backpack. Enchanted Backpack is a charitable organization serving under-resourced elementary and middle schools in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana, and is expanding its support to include Florida. Enchanted Backpack, a 501(c)3 organization, was started with the belief that all children deserve to have the tools they need to learn and excel and that all teachers deserve to have the support and materials to make their classrooms exciting learning centers. Enchanted Backpack has made significant donations to both Lotus and Stanton in the past, including much needed supplies for students and staff. In early November, Enchanted Backpack presented Stanton Middle School with a $20,000 check to be used toward much-needed playground improvements. 

We are so incredibly proud of our students, staff, families, and the broader community. As always, Fox Lake 114 remains one team…all in! 

With commitment to our students, families and community, 

Heather Friziellie
Superintendent of Schools 
Fox Lake School District 114