New Senior Membership Program


Our goal is to keep senior programs affordable. Therefore, beginning January 1, 2024 we are requesting a calendar-year membership.

Resident Fee: $25 per person or $40 per family*

Non-resident Fee: $35 per person or $60 per family*

Membership dollars are an important part of funding that allows us to offer a variety of low cost or no cost programs. You will receive a membership card with your name on it and they are non-transferable. Included in your membership is communication of programs via email/mail and a complimentary lunch during your birthday month. The membership process must be done in-person at the Township Center or Senior Center – there is no online option. We accept cash to checks.

*Family is considered individuals living at the same address. If a membership fee creates a financial burden, please call the Township at 847-395-3378.