Thank You, Judy Davis!


For over five decades, Judy Davis has been a pillar of strength and service within the heart of Antioch Township. Her unwavering dedication to the community spans 31 years of tireless commitment as an Antioch Township Trustee. As she embarks on a well-deserved retirement, the township stands in gratitude, reflecting on the profound impact she leaves behind.

Judy Davis’s journey began 51 years ago when she first called Antioch Township home. From that moment forward, her life became intricately woven with the fabric of the community, embodying the spirit of service and leadership that defines Antioch.

Throughout her tenure as a Trustee, Judy Davis exhibited remarkable devotion to the township’s welfare. Her keen understanding of financial stewardship ensured fiscal responsibility, guiding Antioch Township to operate in the black even amidst economic challenges.

However, Judy’s impact transcends mere numbers and budgets. Her boundless compassion for the well-being of seniors led to the creation and enhancement of numerous programs and events tailored to their needs. From joyful outings to heartfelt fundraisers, Judy’s efforts brought light and joy to countless lives within the senior community, leaving an indelible mark of care and compassion.

One of Judy Davis’s most notable contributions lies in her advocacy for accessibility. Her instrumental role in acquiring a handicapped-ready bus for shopping and medical visits has transformed the lives of community members with unique needs, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunity for all.

Under Judy’s leadership, Osmond Park underwent significant revitalization, becoming a vibrant hub for recreation and community engagement. From the establishment of an inviting ice rink to the creation of a thrilling sledding hill, Judy’s vision transformed the park into a cherished gathering place for families and friends.

Even in the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic, Judy Davis remained a beacon of hope and resilience. Her instrumental contributions to initiatives such as the Antioch Mask Brigade and the creation of senior taskforces and community support networks epitomize her unwavering commitment to serving those in need, even in the most trying times.

As Judy Davis bids farewell to her role as Trustee, Antioch Township extends its deepest gratitude for her extraordinary contributions. Her legacy serves as a testament to the enduring power of community service and the profound impact one individual can have on the lives of many.

In honor of her remarkable contributions, we extend our warmest wishes to Judy Davis for a retirement filled with happiness, fulfillment, and the knowledge that her legacy will endure for generations to come.