Welcoming New Students and Kindergartners


Emmons School radiated enthusiasm as it ushered in new families and kindergarteners through an orientation event. With a focus on inclusivity and support, the event aimed to ease the transition for both parents and children. The orientation featured guided tours of the school, led by student House leaders. Kindergarten students also had the opportunity to ride the bus for the first time to arrive and depart from the event. 

Another level of support to new families and students, is the parent welcoming committee, where experienced parents reach out to provide guidance and camaraderie to new families.

Principal Barsotti adds a personal touch by visiting each kindergartener’s home and placing cheerful “Welcome to Emmons” signs in their yards, purchased by Emmons PTO. This gesture underscores the school’s commitment to individualized care and dedication to ensuring a smooth transition for the new students and parents!