Students Travel to Outer Space!


Led by Mrs. Gehring and Ms. Pietschman, students in grades 5th-8th had the opportunity to participate in a summer space camp. As part of the curriculum, students observed the sky through a portable observatory rented from the Regional Office of Education called the Starlab. The Starlab was inflated to the size of a small cave inside a gymnasium. Students entered the lab, which obscures light, and the night sky was projected on the domed walls. Students also participated and prepared for Challenger Learning Center’s Expedition Mars scenario which put the students in charge of a simulated flight between Mars and a “new” planet. During the simulation, students were transformed into astronauts, scientists, and engineers with a single common purpose – the success of the mission. The students had to use teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and decision making skills. No adult assistance was allowed. Emmons’s crew completed their mission successfully!