Collaborating with Community Partners


Educational success often relies on the collective efforts of not just the educators but the entire community. The leadership at Emmons school recognizes this need and has capitalized on the power of community partnerships. The school places a high value on collaboration with organizations which enrich the academic programming. 

One such beneficial partnership is with the Hastings Lake YMCA. The YMCA After School Program offers a safe and enriching environment for students after the regular school day ends and plays a crucial role in supporting working parents. The program provides a variety of activities that promote physical fitness, social interaction, and academic support. With this partnership, parents are assured their students are safely supervised after school. 

Another cornerstone of the district’s commitment to community partnership is through the PTO. The Parent-Teacher Organization is a dynamic and passionate group of parents, teachers, and administrators dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students. They actively organize fundraisers, family events, and volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, often partnering with local businesses and restaurants. Their tireless efforts have a profound impact on the district’s ability to provide students with extra resources, support, and opportunities that might not otherwise be available. With their efforts, Emmons has been able to provide assistance to outside organizations such as Open Arms Mission and the Antioch Traveling Closet. 

Emmons newest partnerships are also providing exciting opportunities for the students. Since developing an intergovernmental agreement with Antioch Library, students and teachers have received library cards without ever leaving the school! Kindergarten through second grade learners participated in a field trip to tour the updated library facility and a member of the library staff provides an after school club at the school. A new partnership with Great Lakes Credit Union has allowed for students to learn about financial literacy starting as early as kindergarten. Student of the Month winners enjoy certificates for free items from Antioch Pizza, and students can participate in competitive wrestling through a co-op with Antioch District 34. 

The collaborative efforts of the district and their partnerships exemplify a commitment to nurturing well-rounded, confident, and successful students. Education is a community effort, and Emmons strives to grow partnerships which unlock exciting opportunities for the students.