Service with a Smile: AUGS Warrior Brew Bunch


During a typical morning at Antioch Upper Grade School, as the first bell rings, the students in Ms. Stetkus’ and Mr. Dabrowski’s classes are starting to settle in for the day. But this isn’t a typical morning, it’s Friday and that means it’s Coffee Cart Day and the room is abuzz with excitement and preparation! On Fridays, the students in Ms. Stetkus’ and Mr. Dabrowski’s class transform into the Warrior Brew Bunch, brewing and delivering coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to the hardworking staff at AUGS.

Developed in coordination with D34 administration, the Warrior Brew Bunch coffee cart was created as an opportunity for students who have various learning differences to participate in a hands-on experience that will provide them with some of the skills necessary to enter the working world after graduation. These skills include safe food handling, sanitation, and customer service. This type of real-world working experience will not only teach students valuable skills, but it will also provide them a great sense of accomplishment, independence, and pride in a job well done! 

While helping to run the coffee cart, the students are involved in all aspects of the program: order preparation, brewing coffee, and cleaning up after all orders have been completed. Their favorite part is making deliveries and interacting with the staff who have ordered morning beverages. Once all the deliveries are complete, students help count the money that has been collected and calculate the day’s profit. All money earned goes back into the program. Any tips collected will go towards a party at the end of the year in recognition of the students’ hard work.

The Warrior Brew Bunch would like to thank The Latte Café & Bakery, Antioch Dunkin Donuts, Antioch Piggly Wiggly, the Burke Family, and all those who donated to our Donors Choose for their generous donations making it possible to get the coffee cart up and running. The Warrior Brew Crew continues to provide the hard-working staff at Antioch Upper Grade School with a cup of cheer at the end of the week!