Antioch Social Studies Prepares Students for Civic Engagement


Social Studies: ACHS

On Wednesday, November 2, all Government students at ACHS had the opportunity to participate in a mock election that was sponsored by the Illinois Democracy Schools Network. Students in Ms. Whitney Walsh’s classes, Ms. Meghan McDonnell’s classes, Mr. Scott Magnuson’s classes, Ms. Jamie Atkinson’s class, and Ms. Leona Swieton’s class prepared to vote by researching candidates in state and national elections to determine whose positions they most identified with and then cast their ballots electronically. Official results will be tabulated by the Illinois Democracy School organization and will then be shared with the school following Election Day on Tuesday, November 8. 

ACHS recently renewed its status as an Illinois Democracy School and works to infuse civic education and strong civic engagement into its curriculum across the disciplines. Illinois Democracy Schools are committed to developing strong civic awareness and to providing opportunities for students to engage in activities such as democratic simulations, service learning, and conversations about current and controversial issues in a balanced and informed manner.