Change is Our Constant



s a child, my family and I would head to the sledding hill at Adler Park in Libertyville, with our sleds and family toboggan. It would be especially fun if my cousins or friends would join us as we tried to all climb on and ride together. What we would discover every time is that the order of who sat where would have to constantly be adjusted. We would be at the top of the hills, loading in people, and realizing that we did not have enough space. Someone would say, “Eric, switch with Mike,” or they would have another solution. We would readjust and everyone would then get comfortable and away we would go! After our exciting ride down the hill, we would trek up and repeat the process. We would always change the order of who was sitting where to try to go the farthest. We would add those that did not ride previously or some would sit out after an exhausting climb up the hill.

The only constant was constant change. Our goal was to create the most exciting, fast, and lengthy ride in the history of toboggan riding. Sometimes we achieved, and other times we did not. But what we always did was make adjustments and try again. Even on the way home, we would discuss the changes we would make the next time there. This school year has been a lot like those rides. We continue to adjust and make changes in a phased approach, acting on feedback and research, so that we can provide the best education possible. Thank you for going on this “ride” with us and being a critical piece to the puzzle of our success.

Eric Hamilton
Antioch Community High School