Game On Field House


The other night I was trying to find something to watch on the television. I was cruising through the list when I saw three channels showcasing similar events. One option was to watch the League of Legends international championship. The second option was to watch Rocket League. The third was to watch competitive drone racing. I was intrigued, having heard of these events being discussed by students in our building. The one that was most recognizable to me was League of Legends. When I turned to that channel, I was shocked. The Staples Center in Los Angeles was packed with observers of teams playing a video game! To my astonishment, I became entranced in it as well and found myself becoming more and more of a fan as I watched, even though I had no idea who was playing or what strategy should be or was being used. I immediately began thinking about the competitive gaming team at ACHS. Just like I watch football, and root for my team (the Bears), our students are rooting and supporting their favorite gamers. It was impressive!

I relate this story to you because it is one of the many opportunities our students will be afforded with the CHSD117 Field House. We will be able to host gaming competitions and tournaments for all to see. There are so many other activities and opportunities that will be afforded to our students. When you consider the space challenges we face during poor weather, those will be resolved. We will be able to conduct multiple practices of different sports, at the same time. Further, we will be able to host our wrestling and volleyball tournaments in one location, rather than having to move from gym to gym. We currently see the benefits of sharing space with Lakes Community High School at the tennis complex. Many schools have stated that they wish they had a space like that to host their matches because they do not have adequate space for all students to compete at the same time. Other schools have echoed a similar complaint when it comes to practices, indoor track space, and space for large band concerts. The district field house alleviates all of these concerns and provides us with more opportunities.

Finally, we know that our students who are involved in extracurricular activities and athletics perform better academically than those that do not. Every year we conduct research specific to Antioch students. Those not involved in any activities have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.51, while those who are involved in two activities/athletics have an average GPA of 3.37. For those involved in up to eight, the GPA average increases to 3.89. We know that connection to our school is vital for your student’s success. Therefore, we need to increase the activities/athletics available. For us to increase those opportunities for students, we need to increase the space available. The district field house allows our students to demonstrate their talents, just like the district recording studio at ACHS does. 

The CHSD117 Field House is a wonderful addition to the Antioch community and will be a huge addition to the culture, climate, and success of all students at Antioch Community High School.

Eric Hamilton
Antioch Community High School