D117 Students Recognized for Earning the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy


Biliteracy – CHSD117

We believe that bilingualism is an asset in today’s global society that can provide additional opportunities in students’ lives and careers. The Illinois Seal of Biliteracy and the Illinois Commendation Toward Biliteracy are ways to recognize our recent Class of 2023 graduates who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in English and one or more other languages. Students received an official designation on their high school diploma after fulfilling all requirements to receive the Seal of Biliteracy or Commendation. 

Congratulations to the following D117 Class of 2023 graduates for earning the Seal or the Commendation in several different languages. We are so proud of you!

Antioch Community High School

  • Student Name Award Language
  • Carley, Mackenzie Karen Seal Spanish
  • Guijosa-Gonzales, Denis Estreya Seal Spanish
  • Hasik, Caroline Maria Seal Polish
  • Leitza, Kaleigh Rose Seal Spanish
  • MacMillan, Kelsie Marie Commendation German
  • Osborne, Caitlyn Rose Commendation Spanish
  • Patel, Emma Nilesh Commendation Spanish
  • Runyard, Hannah Elizabeth Seal German
  • Woolard, Caroline Grace Commendation German

Lakes Community High School

  • Student Name Award Language
  • Callaway, Brighton Avery Commendation Spanish
  • Jakubiak, Julianna Wiktoria Seal Polish
  • Kingsbury, Benjamin Richard Commendation German
  • Kunkle, Bethany Rita-Denise Seal Spanish
  • McKavis, Nicole Christine Commendation German
  • Perez, Madison Rileigh Commendation Spanish
  • Primack, Cade Anthony Commendation Spanish
  • Sarver, Katherine Elizabeth Commendation German
  • Skula, Samantha Rose Seal Spanish
  • Steinke, Sienna Noel Commendation German
  • Ward, Rachel Elizabeth Commendation German
  • Wawryniuk, Emilia Seal Polish