Inspiring Students to Dream & Empowering Them to Achieve


I am thrilled to present to you Antioch CCSD 34’s strategic plan, a collaborative effort that reflects our shared vision for the future of education and the well-being of our community. This plan was developed with the invaluable input and dedication of our esteemed team, which was comprised of Board of Education members, school administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and community partners, including our local  governments, first responders, and local business owners. Together, we have crafted a plan that will serve as our guiding light for the years ahead.

Our mission is clear and powerful: We inspire our students to dream and empower them to achieve. We are committed to fostering a nurturing environment where every child can explore their potential, dream big, and work towards realizing their aspirations. By instilling a passion for lifelong learning, we aim to prepare our students for success not only in academia but also in their personal and professional lives.

As a district, our vision is ambitious and inspiring: To be the destination district that unites ALL to transform the future of our community and beyond. We recognize the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in creating a strong foundation for ALL the communities we serve: Antioch, Lake Villa, and Lindenhurst. By working together, we can propel ourselves towards positive change, enriching the lives of our students and, in turn, positively impacting our entire community.

Core Values: Building a Strong Foundation
Our core values are the bedrock upon which we build our educational community. We are committed to providing a safe and engaging environment that fosters personal growth and achievement through discovery, teamwork, and academic rigor. We value integrity, as it forms the basis for trusting relationships and meaningful collaboration, which will be evident in all our decisions and actions. Additionally, we believe deeply in equity, diversity, and inclusion, recognizing that we are stronger together when we embrace belonging, respect, and self-awareness.

Goals: Paving the Way to Excellence
To achieve our vision and uphold our core values, we have outlined a series of strategic goals that will guide our actions and initiatives over the coming years. These goals can be summarized under three key pillars:

1) Culture of High Expectations
We are dedicated to creating a culture of high expectations for student achievement through a robust instructional system. By attracting and hiring highly effective staff who value continuous improvement and have high expectations for students, we ensure that every child is empowered to thrive academically and personally.

2) Structured Systems of Accountability
We recognize the importance of continuous improvement and monitoring. By narrowing our initiatives and aligning our resources with the strategic plan, we can enhance the effectiveness of our efforts. This includes solidifying systems of accountability for staff and providing reliable, safe, and secure technology for all students and staff.

3) Supportive Environment
Embracing technology, we aim to creatively enhance teaching and learning, ultimately improving achievement levels across the district. Additionally, we are committed to cultivating stakeholder collaboration by communicating successes and achievements while being responsible stewards of our financial resources to create quality school environments.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead
As we embark on this transformative journey together, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire community for their years of continued support that uplifts our students and our community. It is your unwavering support and collaboration that make this strategic plan not just a document but a living testament to our shared commitment to empowering our students and transforming our community for the better.

We have an exciting road ahead of us, and I am confident that by working together, we will achieve our goals and create a brighter future for all. Let us embrace the spirit of unity, respect, and inclusivity as we inspire our students to dream and empower them to achieve.

With utmost enthusiasm and dedication, 
Aron Borowiak