Congratulations to Our 2021 Illinois State Scholars


The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) has recognized these Illinois high school students as 2021-22 State Scholars for their outstanding academic achievement. Using a proprietary formula, the ISAC chooses approximately the top ten percent of graduates from approved high schools as State Scholars each year. LCHS is proud of these students for their distinction. Job well done!

Yumna Ahmed

Amy Apfelbaum

Saoirse Boyd

Alexandra Bryant

Amber Campbell

Andrew Campbell

Cooper Chiarino

Gideon Dew

Samantha Drake

Alexander Greist

Julia Grubb

Katelyn Gunther

Ellie Haak

Dalton Hass

Benjamin Heft

Allison Heuschmidt

Megan Heuser

Lucas Holler

Collin Kao

Tyler Kendrick

Aaron Kite

Meilin Klingler

Drew Knuettel

Myles Lange

Jane Makela

Benjamin Mercure

Dylan Mount

James Mroczka

Andrea Novotny

Adrienne Parreno

Akash Patel

Catherine Polak

Pranav Prasad

Taylor Primack

Joseph Schaffer

Benjamin Schneiderheinze

Jayson Seiflow

Isabella Singson

Allison Stover

Brooke Stromsland

Emma Veres

Emma Wallenfang

Benjamin Welch