Shared Experiences


The last school year has been consumed with the pandemic and the changes the pandemic brought upon all of us. The shifts observed in education created isolation; schools became lonely, stark contrasts to the positive daily interactions enjoyed during a regular school year. With the pandemic exhausting our time and energy, we did not get to fully appreciate the new Community High School District 117 Fieldhouse rising out of the ground on the Northside of Lakes High School.

This shared facility has been years in the making and will benefit current and future students of Community High School District 117 for many years to come. At the heart of fieldhouse construction was the drive to improve high school experiences for our students. Though this space is primarily an athletic and physical education space, it will be used by clubs and activities allowing for most if not all D117 students to experience academic benefits as well. On average, students involved in extracurricular experiences in high school have better relationships, academic achievement, attendance, discipline, and have a stronger sense of belonging in their community.  

This facility will continue a long history of sharing in Community High School District 117. The two schools have and will continue to share staff members, academic curriculum, cooperative athletic teams, and athletic facilities for years. Our mandate is shared in our names, both holding “community” at the heart of them. Strong communities are built off of shared experiences within that community and our schools are fantastic examples of those shared experiences. The students in Community High School District 117 will have many more opportunities to ignite their passions and make discoveries both academically and extracurricularly with this amazing facility located right in our backyard.


David B. Newberry
Proud Principal
Lakes Community High School