Fall Play: She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms


On Oct 15-17, Eagle Theatre presented She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms written by Qui Nguyen – 100% virtually on Zoom. The play revolves around the story of Agnes Evans as she reconnects with her late sister through a Dungeons and Dragons campaign where she meets a humble and incredible Dark Elf, a shady and aggressive demon queen, the Lord of the Underworld and Animal Crossing, and a slew of other monsters. We had over 300 audience members across the three nights and Eagle Theatre loved being able to share our stories with the community!

All aspects of the performance were adjusted to keep students safe. Actors rehearsed the production every day in Google Meet, polishing scene work and choreographing dance battles. Puppeteers designed and engineered monsters that could fit in the Zoom screen. Costume designers made the fantasy world believable through actors’ wardrobes. Media designers found a wide variety of backdrops to make each scene dynamic and interesting. Lighting designers worked with what students had in their houses. Sound designers built the ambiance of the world and problem-solved streaming difficulties. Prop designers used a variety of resources to build the world. Between cast and crew, we had over 50 students involved in the production!