Project-Based Learning Teacher Institute Day


At GLS, we are committed to adjusting to the constantly changing needs of our students. One way we are doing this is by learning new ways to help our students address real-world expectations and needs. Our goal as a district is to learn how to harness each individual student’s innate curiosity! On February 2, all staff at GLS participated in learning what it means to allow each student to bring their own unique approach and questions to any given topic. GLS is grateful to be working with Dr. Kellie Katzenberger from The Urban Learning & Leadership Center. Dr. Katzenberger joined the GLS staff for our teacher institute day and led us through a “mini” PBL project to help all of us as we move forward with the school initiative to become a Gold-Standard PBL School. By adopting project-based learning, staff and students learn to tackle problems from their unique perspective and then move forward working collaboratively with their peers as they gather information needed to develop a project or presentation that demonstrates potential outcomes or solutions. The process requires finding the answers to open-ended questions. This engages everyone in deeper thinking! Students work together to determine a plan, create a timeline, and decide what resources are needed for successful completion of the project. The active involvement of students in each step of the process expands their knowledge and skills in a practical, authentic way. As the student projects unfold, teachers give feedback and support, helping students have a clear idea of expectations and strengthening their ability to pivot and adjust as they progress towards the desired end results! The creativity of students and staff will be shared at a PBL showcase in mid-May!