District 41 Releases Multi-Year Teaching & Learning Plan


Lake Villa Community Consolidated School District 41 is dedicated to offering enriching learning opportunities and fostering academic skills that will propel students into the future. In August 2023, we initiated a planning process involving students, staff, parents, and community members to enhance this endeavor further.

We are excited to share the results of our efforts by presenting the District’s Portrait of a Graduate and Strategic Plan in the realm of teaching and learning. Moreover, District 41 is allocating additional staff and resources to enhance our programs, ensuring they effectively meet the needs of our students. The areas of focus include Special Education, English Learners, Response to Intervention, Physical Education, Enrichment Services, and improved Professional Development Opportunities for Staff tailored to the district’s needs and preferences. Additionally, District 41 is actively integrating updated instructional practices into our existing resources and is currently in the process of piloting and selecting a math resource and curriculum that is not only engaging but also hands-on, fostering higher-level thinking for all students. Exciting developments are underway in District 41!

Together with our community, District 41 is committed to providing an environment that encourages every student to reach their highest potential.