Working Together is Success


We are embarking on exciting times for all residents of Antioch Township. The partnership between the Township and the Village is strong and getting stronger. As auto giant Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Together as one Antioch, we are united in making our community the best it can be for residents of all ages. 

We are developing plans to consolidate, cooperate and share resources to maximize efficiencies. On December 8th, both boards voted to transfer property from the Village to the Township for a proposed Antioch Township Center. 

The Center will bring our offices back into Antioch from Lake Villa and connect the Assessor, the Clerk, and Township Supervisor’s offices under one roof. Taxpayers will benefit from the shared cost savings and convenient one-stop services that will be centrally located.

Current and future generations of all ages will benefit from Antioch’s new heart and soul. A state-of-the-art event and banquet facility will keep special events and residents’ dollars in Antioch. A gymnasium will bring youth sports back to Antioch because there is currently no place for children to play recreational sports. The gymnasium will also be used for adult recreational sports such as basketball and pickleball. Most importantly our growing population of Seniors will benefit from a large space to gather for meetings, classes, and daily activities. The fitness center for adults will offer classes and physical therapy. There is something for every resident of all ages! 

We look forward to a new day in Antioch. I am proud of our cooperation and the progress we are making to improve the quality of life for all our residents. 

For more information, visit the township website at, or call the office at 847-395.3378.

All the best,

Tom Shaughnessy
Antioch Township Supervisor