What is a Sequoit?


For the past several years, I have researched, investigated, asked questions, checked online resources, and observed happenings to discover the true meaning of the word Sequoit. What I have learned is that the definition cannot be found on a website or in a reference book. It can be found in the hallways of this school, on the athletic fields, on stage during performances, and every day in classrooms. When you look a little deeper as to what it means to be a Sequoit, you will find that a Sequoit is a student that achieves high academic honors, an athlete that pushes themselves and others to achieve undefeated seasons, an actor who helps another actor in rehearsing their lines, and a friend who makes sure their friends are feeling alright when they look a little down. And that’s only part of the definition of what a Sequoit is. What is a Sequoit? It’s the young man or woman that goes home after school to care for a sibling and bears that responsibility for the family with pride. It is the child that has never played a sport but shows up at every game to support his or her friends. It is a student that chooses to sacrifice their own interests and not participate in an after-school activity, but works to pay for gas and insurance on the car in which they have so much pride. It is a group of students that use their voice to advocate for others in a respectful and responsible way that makes us all proud. Whether that is in the stands at an athletic event, in the auditorium for a performance, during a demonstration of student voice, or in the hallways, a Sequoit makes sure that all students have equal opportunity and access to the powerful education provided at Antioch Community High School. What else is a Sequoit? It is a student that accepts the challenge to graduate with Cum Laude honors, which means they earned a minimum of 26 credit hours, have zero suspensions, gave 40 hours of volunteer service, have an attendance rate of 95%, have taken 3 capstone courses, and were involved in at least 4 extracurricular activities. Finally, what I have learned is that a Sequoit is a winner, an advocate, a friend, and an awesome representation of this generation. In other words, it is anyone that has based an academic career on respect, responsibility, and pride. What I have also discovered is that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of this definition. From different backgrounds, varied accomplishments, and distinct and unique perspectives, our students continue to come together as a critical piece of the puzzle to further define what it is to be a Sequoit. And once you’re a Sequoit, you’re always a Sequoit!

Eric Hamilton
Antioch Community High School