Lakes Coaches Stay Connected


Following the cancellation of spring sports our student athletes were left with more questions than answers. This difficult situation provided the Lakes Athletic Department with a unique opportunity. The opportunity came in the form of providing what we could to our students who were living through a very troublesome time. Our coaching staff felt it was important to continue to engage our students, albeit from a far. Coaching staff’s from every season, fall, winter and spring, leapt into action. Providing everything from an email check-in, to virtual team meetings, to chalk-talk’s, to trivia challenges, to drive through senior recognitions to many other engaging experiences for students. We all learned the true value of educational athletics. It will never be about the wins loses, it will always be about the relationships that are forged between people working towards a common goal. The goal for 2020 is simple: stay together and support each other, everything else will take care of itself.